Allegro, Painted Diamond,.... &Jessie Sandvad, Dänemark


Rasse Herkunft Geburtsjahr Farbe
Lewitzer & Araber Pinto Gestüt Lindenhof   Schecken
Picasso als Jährling
Picasso als Jährling
Jessie hat mit den bei uns gekauften Pferden mittlerweile sehr erfreuliche Erfolge, und es macht immer wieder Spaß ihre emails zu lesen. Mittlerweile stehen schon einige Pferde von uns dort : Painted Diamond, Allegro, Picasso und andere
    Picasso is allowed to breed next year,    
    Rashiwa got a silver medal, (80 points)
Alexia (China Moon/Allegro) got 8 points,
and Alyssia (N.A. Elegantka OX/Allegro) got a gold-medal (85 points) and wun the champion tittle as the best Pinto-arabianhorse in Denmark. Wauw! There was two other foals from Allegro, a filly, who got 8 points too and a very young little stallion (only 2 month old) and he got 7 points. His owner did not feed him, so he was a kind of skinny. 
    I will send you pictures as soon as possible.  
    I just want you to know.
    Yours Jessie
  I am, just as you (?) very busy, but you have to know, that Allegro was to a "stallion-Parade" (April 26.) with stallions of different kinds, (big, small, half-big and half-small) and he wun all of it, and was the "Best in Show" He wun a very high "pokal" (more that 1/2 meter high!) and some other things. I am so proud of my little, very beautiful and very friendly stallion. Some people have allready asked me, if he is for sale, but he is not for sale. His frienly temper goes further to his offspring too. China Moons foals use to be some reserved (?) but this one!! You can´t go for her, because she is in your way. They are so sweet and friendly, and beautiful, both of them, and one of "the strainger-mares" has a wonderful foal from Allegro, and she was a mare too. We still have two mares we are waiting for, to give birth to their Allegro-offspring, and waiting is a hard thing!  
    I don´t remember if I have told you, that Allegro this year are at a "stallion-center" where they "took" his seemen and use it manualy, send it to some mares far away by mail? Well his stay here with me, but every 2. day we are driving about 20 km. to the "stallion-center" where Allegro "do his job" and we go home again. He is very, very easy to drive with, in our trailer. He just walk into the trailer, and stay very come down when we drive the distance. HE IS EASY AND, ONE OF THE KIND. And give it further to his offspring. Allegro is at a "stallion-center" where there are 3 other stallions and Allegro has by now, more mares breedding,  than all of the 3 other stallions together.  I like that a lot!
    If you want to follow the "season/year" at my place, then look at  The "strainger" foal is nr. 3 at the top of the pictures, at the galleri.
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