Soraya & Susanne Laugesen, Schweden


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We are so happy that we got the opportunity to buy Soraya. We love her sweet personality and beautyfull looks. She will stay with us forever and make some wonderfull foals. You can always see her and her foals on our HP The picture is taken of Soraya and her one week old Greenhorn-baby named: Lauge's Emily. Best regards to you and your family from Susanne Laugesen, Denmark.

und diese Mail erreichte mich am 16.08.05:

Hej Susanne
We just went to our first show with Soraya and her foal. Soraya was champion of the mares with 83 point - only 2 points away from gold medal. Unfortunately she had something with her leg so her movement was not the best - so the judge told us to come again next year, they were sure to give her more points when the leg was ok again. So I believe she is a gold medal mare.
And for Emily - Greenhorn baby it was a good day. She got also number 1 in her class for the fillys. She got 9 in movement!!! And 8 i type - so we and the new owner was very pleased. Emily has the sweetest temper. She is so easy to handle.

Kind regards



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